Sue Toorans
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Artist's statement

   Three dimensions has always been my forte.  With sculpture, I am free of the constraints of format that restrict many other forms of expression.  The shape is entirely at my whim.  Each surface of my work must be interesting and lead a viewer to explore another.  I create sculpture in both stone and welded steel.   Each brings its own challenges and rewards.  Stone is a subtractive process, welded steel is additive.


   Stone has certain intrinsic characteristics; strength, color, and over all shape.  I like to push the limits of these characteristics.  I want to twist the stone through itself, to make something hard look soft, to have it invite the viewer's hand.  As I work a piece, I delight in bringing forth the native subtleties of color and texture in the stone.  I enjoy seeing these attributes as they enhance what I'm sculpting.  


   Steel has fewer contraints than stone.   It is worked semi-molten and hollow.   Steel allows me to be completely unfettered and free.  There is such a feeling of power to have something as hot as that torch in my hand and harnessed to my will.   Working hollow allows me to work larger than I do with stone.

   Both these materials and processes are answers to different internal needs.  With stone I get the surprise of the beauty that nature supplies. Steel answers to the hunger for power and full control while creating.